The make-up company Nars is planning to use Pinterest in a unique way to launch a new social media campaign. Nars has targeted three designers that have great success on Pinterest to create boards in an effort to launch the new Satin Lip Pencil Collection.

In collaboration with Nars the designers have developed boards on their own accounts that compliment the three pencil categories.

As a treat to the fans that follow the designers and their boards, for a week before the collection’s full release Nars fans will be able to purchase the lip pencils only by clicking on the images pinned to the Pinterest boards.

Nars has already successfully launched a social media campaign on Facebook focused on brand awareness.For this campaign, Nars used the analytic tool Pinfluencer to determine the three usere who have driven significant traffic to the Nars website. The main focus of this social media campaign was to generate sales from Pinterest.

Social media influencers can make a difference in your social media campaign.

Use analytics and be observant of who is helping with your social media efforts. Your business may find social media influences in people who retweet and re-post your content. Reaching out to your influencers and partnering with them on social media campaigns may help you reach a broader audience.

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image credit: by gorbould

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