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Last week President Obama proclaimed this week, May 15th- 21st, as National Small Business Week in celebration of the back bone of our nations economy. He stated, “To ensure the stability of our recovery, we must continue to provide new opportunities for small business owners and the next generation of entrepreneurs, who will help us out‑innovate our global competitors to win the future.


This proclamation hits home to us here at JASE Digital Media for the very reason that it defines who we are. We are a small business that is made of family men and women who have a vision for tomorrow. We are beneficiaries of small and large companies, our clients come from all sizes and industries. We know that for this country, this economy to succeed, it takes all types of businesses working together.

We are thankful for the recognition this week and will look to pass it on to all our small business partners, because without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.

For more information on how this small business can help your small business, contact JASE Digital Media today.

image credit: freefotouk on flickr

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