The NBA began it’s lockout on 12:01 AM Friday morning, July 1, with the expectation that a new labor deal between the owners and players would not be reached for sometime. But it’s one of the more subtle results of the lockout that is showing proof of just how big social media is.


This rule you ask, is that teams and players are banned from communicating with each other through social media.

If social media (twitter, facebook, and the like) are used, the penalty could be a fine of $1,000,000 or loss of draft picks. A $1 million fine for using social media – that is aggressive to say the least.

This measure by the NBA shows exactly how important social media has become in our lives. We live it, we communicate through it, and companies use social media as part of their inbound marketing strategies. It is everywhere and the days of life without online social interaction are long gone.

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image credit: bump on flickr


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