Pro sports continue to stay current and creative in their social media endeavors, providing a great example for small businesses. Recently the NBA began selling official t-shirts with the Twitter handles of popular basketball stars placed above their number, where their last name usually goes.

Twitter announced last month that there are more than 140 million active users on Twitter; there is bound to be a few basketball fanatics among the millions of Twitter users.

The NBA has found a creative way to promote their top athletes off the court while making money for the organization.

As stated in a Mashable article; Lisa Pilken, the NBA’s vice president of licensing, believes the shirt will help the league engage with fans.

One of the greatest advantages of using Twitter for fans of celebrities is the opportunity it gives fans to directly interact with their favorite stars. Unfortunately, for the management and public relations teams of those same celebrities Twitter often leaves celebrities too open, revealing more than what’s appropriate for their brand.

This is one of the risks of your business promoting a personal Twitter account. Make sure any accounts promoted by the business are represented by someone that has the best intentions for the organization and makes the brand a priority.

Your CEO on Twitter would be a perfect candidate to represent the brand outside of the official business Twitter account. Not only will they represent the business, but they can also serve as a resource for the industry on Twitter. As your CEO gains more followers, more consumers will trust your product, based simply on the knowledge your CEO has provided on Twitter.

How is your company represented on Twitter? Is anyone tweeting in support of the official business Twitter account and is it needed for your organization? Let’s talk about it, leave a comment below with your opinion. Please bring others into the conversation by sharing the article. If you need to start from scratch with a complete social media marketing plan for your business, Contact JASE. Thank you.

NBA Basketball And Twitterimage credit: Mike Saechang on flickr

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