Netflix is currently in development of an application that would let people stream movies or shows without having to leave Facebook. There was just one little snag holding up the process, it was a Federal law prohibiting Netflix from completing the application. The Video Privacy Protection Act passed in 1988 was intended to prevent video rental records from being published to the public.

Well how, you ask, does the Video Privacy Protection Act prohibit Netflix from allowing their users to view shows or movies on Facebook? The answer is simple, Netflix application’s premise was to show Facebook users what their friends were watching and then give them the opportunity to watch it too, without having to leave Facebook.

Netflix received a bit of good news recently as its push for integration may happen sooner than later. An amendment to the bill was passed in the House, stating the sharing of video records in a social media setting was legal. Netflix is anticipating a positive outcome of this merger, especially in an attempt to rectify the numerous times they shot themselves in the foot during the past year.

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