Have you noticed the announcement on your company’s Facebook page about the new timeline design? All Facebook pages will transition to the timeline design, similar to the design on personal pages, on March 30.

So what’s changing?

  • Tabs will disappear, no more landing page style tabs on the Facebook page.
  • The timeline design will allow you to pin content to the top of the page.
  • The cover photo is a large photo that is displayed behind your profile picture on your new page. The cover photo allows you to display your brand visually in a unique way.
So what does the Facebook Business Page change mean for you?

The new design calls for more engagement from your business to keep new content at the top and fresh to those that like your page. The more content your page offers (post, pictures and response comments) the more your consumers will engage with each other and your business on the Facebook page.

Similar to Twitter and other social media networks, consumers are more likely to engage with your business if you can build a relationship with them through authentic engagement strategies.

The best way to engage with your consumers is to know your brand. Know what qualities of your brand drive consumers to support your brand. Understand your consumers and the communities where they live. Often, with small businesses, you can relate best to the issues in your community because you live there as well.

Post commentary about real events, tell the history of your brand and relate it to your consumers. Hold contests for your consumers and encourage them to engage with one another through stories about your brand.

Through increased engagement and an authentic conversation you will be able to build a following through Facebook, leading consumers that are ready to support your brand straight to your website.

If you need to create or update your business’ social media plan contact JASE. Together we can assess the role social media plays in your overall inbound marketing plan, get started with one today.

JASE Facebook Business Pageimage credit: JASE Group

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