What is JASE Inbound Marketing?

A very informative conversation between Keith Parnell, CEO of JASE Group, and College of William & Mary MBA students on exactly what Inbound Marketing is and the angle that JASE Group takes for their clients. How the strategies unfold and how results are measured are important aspects that are discussed in this series.

Inbound marketing inherently focuses on creating powerful content that will lead potential customers to your brand, product or service line through online methods like searching, referrals, and links from other web entities such as blogs, video and social communities. Inbound marketing is a compliment set of marketing techniques focused on driving quality prospects to your business and its products. Inbound marketing has become widely accepted because it supports the way consumers make purchasing decisions – using the Internet to learn more about the products and services that best meet their needs. >> view & download the webcast >>

College of William & Mary, Mason School of Business
MBA B2B Marketing Class
October 27, 2011

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