Have you noticed an increase in your Facebook interactions lately? You would if you were keeping your page followers engaged with cool content (we will get to that point shortly). The increase in likes and comments may be a result of Facebook’s new like and comment bar on the mobile page and mobile app.

While the change is subtle, it makes it easier for mobile users to engage with their friends and pages that they follow. Previously, Facebook mobile users had to click on a plus-sign, which opened a page that gave the option to like or comment on a post.

According to a TechCrunch article, the change will enable Facebook to gather more data in an effort to refine its feed sorting algorithm (the process that makes it possible for your page to show up in your friends news feeds.)

So what does this mean for you and your business?

It’s time to make sure you are using a social media marketing plan. Social media is so much more than a Facebook post and the occasional tweet. It takes a plan to keep your followers engaged and most importantly, make sure they support and consume your brand.

A social media plan works as a compliment to your business plan. Have you been successful in your recent social media efforts? What are some of the results you hope to gain by using social media? Contact JASE today, let’s discuss some of your options, and let us help you to create a social media plan that works for your business.

Ice sculpture facebook thumbimage credit: bisonblog on flickr

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