WordPress As A Business Tool, How To Get Started WebinarView & Download the FREE Webinar

This session is for you if you have not yet begun blogging and don’t know where to start, or if you’re stalled near the starting line, or if you just want to know more about blogging with WordPress.

In the class, we will talk about many topics, but a few of them are:

  1. Why use WordPress as your blogging platform?
  2. Where to host your WordPress blog.
  3. How to setup your WordPress blog.
  4. How to choose, install, and activate a WordPress theme.
  5. How to choose, install, and activate a WordPress plugin.
  6. How to configure your WordPress blog.
  7. Creating content:
    • Blog posts.
    • Blog pages.
    • Adding images.
    • Adding video.
  8. What are categories?
  9. What are tags?
  10. How and why to setup comment approval.
  11. Fighting spam with Akismet.

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