Gaming consoles are more advanced and more popular than ever before. Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, and numerous small hand held mobile units are all over the place. With the incorporation of online gaming and communities, it has been a natural fit that social media would find its place in the gaming world. The odd part about this is that while Sony and Microsoft have adapted and flourished with their online incorporation. Yet Nintendo has lagged behind the trend, and stubbornly enough because it has been of their own choice.

All of this changed on July 5th of this year when Nintendo finally adopted a social media philosophy and began to interact with their fans on social communities. Results have been mixed so far, but the question that remains to be asked is, when will their gaming consoles integrate with social media?

Nintendo is currently in development of their next gaming console and little information is known at this point. But one would have to speculate that the company will incorporate social media at some level.

This is an interesting philosophy, to us as marketers, that Nintendo has adopted. Presumptively, the lack of social community integration is because their target demographic for its Wii product is more for children than teens and adults like with Xbox and Playstation. That fact aside, denying social media when it is so popular and so influential is an interesting one. But Nintendo was one of the first gaming console pioneers and has had a successful track record, so it’s hard to doubt their decision.

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image credit: sewing punzie on flickr

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