fiber opticsOld Dominion University is the recipient of a $10 million grant from the Federal Stimulus Program. ODU partnered with the Mid-Atlantic Broadband Cooperative to win the grant in the fall of 2010.

The significance of this grant given to ODU is their ability to provide more efficient and dependable high-speed communication technology to advance research and education on campus as well as in the community.

Internet infrastructure tends to support services to high population and therefore high traffic areas, so smaller rural areas like the under-served Southside Virginia, suffer because the services available are too expensive.

With the project, MBC, will be able to bring in 170 miles of new infrastructure, connecting places like Southampton and Sussex to connection points already in Emporia and Wakefield in Virginia.

The project will also have a local effect on the community as it will reinforce existing networks and also bring better service in to the area and allow for better broadcasting of educational content into our schools.

For more information on the importance of network infrastructure in our community, contact JASE Digital Media today.

image credit: go_niles on flickr

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