Extra, extra read all about it: the print media industry is on its last legs. Over the last decade, print media has seen a steady decline in readership and subscribers. In recent years iconic newspapers and magazines such as Newsweek, LIFE and others have been forced to lay off staff, cut back production and even close their doors due to decreased profit margins. The struggle of the print industry is largely credited to the increase in popularity of the internet and the changing way that individuals choose to receive information. With news available almost instantaneously via the web, waiting for the local daily in print form seems almost archaic to some. However as media outlets invest in optimizing their online presences, PR practitioners are finding that there is true measurable benefits to online media campaigns.

The first time your company’s media relations campaign gains national attention can be a rush. Landing a major magazine’s cover or getting featured prominently on a newspaper’s front page can be a quite a score. But what happens once the celebration is over? Oftentimes it can be hard to measure the impact of a print-based media relations campaign. Was the labor and cost investment worth it and did the campaign increase target audience awareness and eventually sales leads?

Public relations professionals that target web-based media outlets, bloggers and social media communities are finding that  ROI is measureable.  By crafting campaigns that drive target audience action, PR practitioners are able to measure reach, SEO and maintain a steady stream of live content. Inbound marketing software like JASE Marketing Manager allow PR practitioners to tailor their message to reach specific audience’s and to measure which niche platforms, media outlets,  launch pages and links draw the most traffic.

Although the print version of many publications may be going away, some businesses do still find value in print PR. When developing your public relations strategy its important to research which outlets are effective for your business.   As a versatile marketing, public relations and advertising firm, JASE Group can handle your marketing and public relations needs. Contact us for your next PR campaign.

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