Have you tried Google-ing Mitt Romney lately? Maybe you wanted to learn more about the Governor and his presidential campaign. Well if you googled “Romney” the second result you would find is a satirical website, “SpreadingRomney.com“, aimed to make fun of Governor Mitt Romney’s family trip where he left the family dog in a crate on top of the car during the entire trip. The story has created quite a stir as apparently the dog defecated itself in the crate, Romney hosed it off, and placed it back in the crate to continue the trip.


Online reputation management is the key. As marketers we all know the importance of establishing an online presence and how in current day, the creation of content is the fuel of search engines. The correlation exists by the necessity to have your brand online and the ability of anyone to create content about your business.

It could be a disgruntled former employee, a competitor, or just a like-named person or business that can detract from your brand’s reputation. If you work tirelessly to establish your brand, you cannot fall short in protecting your brand’s reputation.

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Mitt Romneyimage credit: Dave Delay on flickr

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