I read an article the other day from HubSpot listing 5 reasons why social technologies have replaced traditional outbound marketing strategies and why inbound marketing strategies must be adopted for your business to be successful. The reasons they list for why social technology has shifted strategies from outbound to inbound marketing are critical ones that often small business owners neglect. It is easy, depending on your industry to get caught in the trap of thinking you know your customers. This is HubSpot’s list:

1. Netflix and TiVo have replaced TV

2. Blogs and E-readers Push Print Media Aside

3. Landlines Are Out Of Use

4. Consumers Want Things Now

5. Facebook & Twitter Are The New Email

If we look more closely at the points it will perfectly explain why outbound marketing principles are losing their effectiveness.

Why are digital video recorders so popular? Because people are busier they do not have time to watch television live so they record it, meaning that commercials are fast forwarded.

Blogs and e-readers have started to and will eventually replace the newspaper. People can get their news on a mobile device and don’t have to be bogged down by a bunch of advertisements to get the information they want.

A majority of people use cellphones only or are on the FTC’s “Do Not Call List”. According to the FTC, 2 out of 3 Americans are on the call list, and then again most Americans have caller ID and won’t answer a number they don’t know or appears to be a sales call.

Lastly, the bottom line is that more people spend time on social media than they do email or any other form of written communication. Why email someone when your already on Facebook and can send them a message?

This is not to say that outbound marketing strategies are not necessary, but simply to say that if you the small business are not adapting your company’s marketing philosophy to include inbound marketing principles, you could be missing out on potential business.

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image credit: HubSpot Blog


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