If your business is contemplating or has just started a content marketing strategy, there is a tip to help bring along your new content marketing strategy. That tip? It’s called pay-per-click.

Pay-per-click or PPC is an excellent traffic driver to your website. Many businesses use PPC as stand-alone advertising and have great success, but content marketing is a valuable component as well. However, search engines do have to learn your content marketing patterns to promote your content and PPC is a great ally in your search engine battle.

Pay-per-click complements your new content marketing strategy

Pairing your content marketing strategy with an affordable PPC campaign will allow PPC to be the “training wheels” to the “bike” of your content marketing strategy. In other words, an effective PPC campaign will keep your website in the spotlight while you wait for the search engines to analyze your website. Then, once you have established your content marketing strategy, you can begin to phase out PPC, or keep it as an effective complement to your content marketing strategy.

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