One thing is for sure, a lot of people have very quickly fallen in love with Pinterest. Ask any semi tech savvy fashionista what they think about Pinterest. You will immediately feel their emotion and hear a passion that you don’t get when Facebook or Twitter or Google+ is mentioned.

With Pinterest’s climb into mainstream (Internet) popularity with over 10M unique visitors per month, many businesses are scrambling to understand the new platform and how to leverage its voguishness for a competitive advantage. Pinterest will be highly beneficial for some industries; yet for other verticals, business owners will struggle making a fit.

If I have any advice to offer at this point, it’s to do your socialgraphics research, evaluate your product or service against the results of your research, then test the waters if you see a fit. Don’t jump in to Pinterest ‘just because’. Treat Pinterest as you do any other advertising medium or social community by assessing with your financial brain and not totally your emotional heart.

Here are a few articles we have written on Pinterest along the path of its incline into mainstream. I hope these help get you started along the right path for you and your business. Please be sure to read the final article in the list, Pinterest Copyright Infringement Causes Flickr To Block Users From Pinning. This article addresses budding legal issues with Pinterest members pinning images of copyright information in the Pinterest community.

Stay tuned to the JASE Inbound Marketing blog for more breaking information on Pinterest and other hot social communities and how small businesses can leverage them for their benefit. Do you have a story to share about Pinterest? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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