One major aspect of public relations is media relations. The goal of media relations is to make sure that your message is delivered through the media to your stakeholders. PR specialists use various tactics to gain the attention of the media. Through all the pitches and media releases there are always a few things that all PR professionals should do to stay in good favor with journalist.

JASE Group PR goes above and beyond to make sure that journalists are prepared with the information needed to distribute your message and content. Like all things in public relations, pitching the perfect story to the media is all about establishing a good relationship with the journalist.

JASE Group’s tips to establishing a relationship with journalist

  • Know the journalist – When you take the time to research the journalist you can learn about the beat they cover, the stories they enjoy writing, and issues that they are passionate about. This research will help your PR specialist craft the perfect pitch.
  • Personalize your pitch– After all the research make sure you use it in your pitch. Refer to their past stories while personalizing the pitch. Make a pitch that is specific to the journalist. Explain the relationship between their past story and your pitch.
  • Meet them where they are– If the journalist you are working with is an avid fan of twitter your PR specialist should feel comfortable tweeting a pitch to them. A pitch in 140 characters has to be planned out and include links.
  • Know every deadline– Whether you reach out to your journalist or receive a request from them it’s important to acknowledge and respect deadlines. Honoring deadlines makes it easier for journalist to trust you. Knowing the meeting schedule also helps PR professionals know what time of day to make the pitch.
  • Remember your manners– Thanking the media for covering your story is important. Whether through email or on the phone, a thank you shows the journalist appreciation and helps maintain a positive relationship.

These simple rules should be commonly used by the PR professionals representing your business. If you feel like you have not seen successful returns with your PR investment in the area of media relations, it may be more than lack of interest from the journalist.

Take the time to establish a new relationship with a new PR firm. JASE Group takes time to make sure the public understands you, your vision, your message and your beliefs. JASE helps the world discover your company, contact JASE today.

Media Interviewimage credit: by angusmci on flickr

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