digitalAccording to Google President of Global Sales, Nikesh Arora, online advertising will increase by 50% in the next 5 years.

People are shifting their spending dollars more and more to the online world – whether it be direct marketing, or advertising, or branding … where the eyeballs are, where the customers are.

I personally expect in the next five to eight years 30pc to 50pc of advertising will be digital.

That is a bold claim, but in the UK it is already over 20%. In the US it is over 10%.

Of course, Google is going to say this in an effort to influence the spending of businesses’ advertising budgets towards their services. But we agree. JASE has already witnessed more and more clients and small business owners shifting advertising and marketing budgets to the online world.

It makes sense. As more consumers continue to move their once-yellow-pages-search to Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, and continue to join the wealth of social communities setup for their niche interests, logical thinking says that smart advertisers will be settled into those camps ahead of the masses.

Digital advertising is the future. For that matter, digital advertising is here today. And successful digital advertising and inbound marketing techniques are practiced daily with the JASE toolset.

Let’s get your business started today in digital advertising and inbound marketing.

image credit: momentimedia

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