Presumed Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his digital media team are preparing for the next step in the 2012 Presidential Election by increasing their digital team, including web developers and data crunchers.

According to Mashable the 2012 Presidential election might be the most digitally sophisticated race ever – on both sides.

Positions for Romney’s digital team include a social media and email marketing writer, data analyst, and software engineer among others. The campaign hopes to boost their digital team in an effort to compete against President Barack Obama’s established digital presence.

Establishing a Digital Media and Social Media Marketing Campaign a Step Above the Competition

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A JASE inbound marketing plan creates a unique blend of various marketing techniques to capture consumers that are truly interested in your business. A JASE Inbound marketing plan includes traditional marketing tools as well as online marketing, social media marketing, web development, search engine marketing and more. Each aspect reveals your brand to a targeted market ready to establish a relationship with your brand.

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