Website Design for Cosmopolitan Club of Norfolk

Website Design for Cosmopolitan Club of Norfolk

Visit the full design in action at NORFOLKCOSMO.ORG.

The Cosmopolitan Club of Norfolk has been contributing civic service to Hampton Roads since it was chartered on February 27, 1924. In 1928, a Norfolk Club Charter member, Thomas A. Hanes, conceived the idea of an Annual Distinguished Service Award Banquet and the initial First Citizen Award was given that year. We continue to recognize the “Norfolk’s First Citizen” annually.

In 1958, the Cosmopolitan Club of Norfolk Foundation, Inc. was organized and chartered as a non-profit corporation devoted entirely to charitable efforts with the major source of revenue coming from individual contributions, and various fund raising projects. These were conducted by our members such as the long standing Cosmopolitan Travelogue Series of tour films held at the Norfolk Civic Center and Chrysler Hall, and the “Great Human Race” an annual Tidewater Striders sanctioned running event. Currently, we participate in Norfolk Festevents to support research at Strelitz Diabetes Center at EVMS. In 1985, the Norfolk Club and its sister clubs of the Capital Federation helped spearhead the “Million Dollar Connection” to provide the million dollars of seed money to start a diabetes institute for research and treatment at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Our own First Citizen of Norfolk for 1958, the late Henry Clay Hofheimer, donated the first $25,000 towards the campaign. Now known as the Strelitz Diabetes Center at EVMS, it has become a world renowned center for diabetes research and treatment thanks to the efforts of many in our community.

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