Website Design for Susan Sussman Comedy of Norfolk

Website Design for Susan Sussman Comedy of Norfolk, VA

Visit the full design in action at SUSANSUSSMANCOMEDY.COM

A little bit about me [Susan]. I started standup comedy a lot later in life than most. It didn’t stem from a dare, being a drug addict or abused, nor was I from a dysfunctional family. Let’s say comedy became my outlet because in a short period of time my real estate business took a dive, I lost my parents and my son moved away. Depression seeped in; I had a lot of time on my hands. One day I decided to take care of my “procrastination list,” and start doing some of those things I always wanted to do.

Why wait until retirement. Why wait until I’m laying on my deathbed thinking, “I should’ve done this or could’ve done that.”

Since I started standup I’ve placed first in a few local competitions, as well as hosting shows at Cozzy’s Comedy Club in Newport News and other venues. Standup has opened up my world to performing on a cruise ship in Europe, clubs in L.A. and Florida, houses of worship, VFW’s and senior communities. I’ve been involved in improvisation, sketch comedy writing and acting classes. I was in the first cast of “Panties in a Twist,” a local sketch comedy show written, directed and acted by women.

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