The Microsoft Office team in Redmond is at it again. Here is a quick recap of four updates they just released for Excel. Enjoy.

Option to specify Join Type in the Merge Queries dialog

It is now possible to specify the type of Join that you would like to apply when merging two queries using the Merge Queries dialog. These options were previously available only by manually modifying the generated formula. Now they are much more easily accessible in the Merge Queries dialog.

Extract first, last or range of characters from a Text column

With this update we have added user interface (UI) support to specify how many characters to extract from a Text column, starting from the beginning, end or a specific position. This new set of transformations can be found under the Text -> Extract Group in the Transform and Add Column tabs on the Query Editor ribbon.

Customize Quote Style in the Split Column by Delimiter dialog

Users can now switch between the CSV Quote Style and no Quote Style when splitting a column by delimiter. This option is available in the Advanced Options section of the Split Column by Delimiter dialog.

Support for UPN credentials in the Exchange connector

In this update, we added support for specifying a UPN (User Principal Name) as part of providing credentials to use the Exchange connector. This option is available from the Credentials prompt when using this connector. If you have already connected to Exchange before and need to modify your credentials, you can access this option from the Data Source Settings dialog.

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