Powerful Postcard Design for First Choice Nurses of Virginia Beach

This is a third part of a rebranding project we are undergoing with First Choice Nurses. This postcard design is a follow-up to an initial brand strategy process and also a new logo design for the company. Next steps will include business card design for the team, rate card handouts for the sales staff, and a new website design. The work we are performing with their team has been fun to say the least.

When designing a handout to leave behind with prospective clients, we know that it must accomplish several critical goals. First, the message must clearly let them know who you are at first glance, but must also let the reader know about the integrity of your business. Secondly, it must clearly convey your skills and capabilities. Lastly, it must concisely convey why this prospective client should choose your business. Our client, First Choice Nurses, tasked us with this challenge.

Our design of this 6×9 handout features a clear and concise message that speaks to medical professionals, strategically designed artwork, necessary and targeted copy, and a brand-supported color scheme. With this collateral piece, our client will easily be able to educate prospective clients while leaving an unforgettable impression of the First Choice Nurses brand.

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