Media relations management is an important aspect of a public relations professional’s arsenal of skills. Just as important as a perfectly crafted media release, is a PR practitioner’s relationship with the media. When pitching a story, it’s important to understand the types of articles journalists write,  the journalists’ target audience and which stories are popular with their readers and/or viewership. For PR professionals trying to connect with their journalist counterparts Newsle, a recent social media upstart, offers relevant newsfeeds right from their current social media contacts.

Newsle allows subscribers to link  their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to their Newsle account. Anytime a friend and/or colleague is mentioned in the news your Newsle feed is updated. Accordingly, anytime you are mentioned in the media your Newsle feed is updated, as well. For PR professionals looking to connect with industry journalists Newsle is amazingly useful. PR professionals can use Newsle to study industry journalists’ writing styles and trends. They can then develop a more personalized pitch to a reporter in their industry or tie their organization’s message into a story that the journalist has recently written. Using Newsle is easier than googling the journalist or checking out the journalist’s website. You can set up alerts and have Newsle send updates to your email. Newsle also gives you the opportunity to compare the news trends of your colleague or competitors. Newsle allows PR professionals to filter through the clutter to receive information about journalists and other colleagues that are relevant to their industry.

In an industry that is heavily based in relationship management, tools like Newsle offer PR practitioners a platform to connect with other professionals. JASE Group offers a diverse portfolio of PR, marketing and advertising services. Contact us to launch your next public relations campaign. 

PR Newsle Photoimage credit: Internet Marketing1 on Flickr

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