What do President Barack Obama and pop star Lady Gaga have in common? Well besides amazing singing voices – remember the President’s performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live? They are also among the many recent Twitter subscribers that have been exposed as having a profile with a large percentage of fake followers. In a recent analysis by StatusPeople’s Fake Follower Check, approximately 70 percent of President Obama’s 19 million Twitter followers and up to 72 percent of Lady Gaga’s 28.6 million Twitter followers were found to be fake.

Fake Follower Check takes a sample of a Twitter account’s followers and checks for signs of validity. Fake accounts are easily identified because they usually have little to no activity, interactions or followers.   Fake accounts are suspected to be created for the purpose of making an account look like it has followers, which are available for purchase on various websites. Many businesses may be tempted to purchase followers to make their accounts look more relevant, but in terms of ROI its better to gain followers organically utilizing creative advertising strategies.

You would think purchasing 30,000 followers on Twitter would make sense. People would see how popular your company is and instantly start following, right? However, if you look at it in terms of ROI, how many of those people are actually your target audience? Are they even interested in your brand/service or were they simply subscribing to your page to jump on the bandwagon because they noticed others following you? Maximizing a B2C social media relationship is as simple as  developing consistent, relevant content that is both informative and appealing.

JASE Group implements creative social media campaigns that drive real customer traffic to our clients. Contact us to find out how we can assist you with developing genuine customer interest and sales leads.

LADY GAGA IN CONCERT AT GMAimage credit: TJ Sengel on Flickr

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