Tide and Henry at JASE's pet friendly Norfolk officeBusiness practices and ideals are forever changing and that has spilled over into office environment structure. I read an article a few weeks back about Cliff Bar, the manufacturer of the health food bars, and their new state of the art headquarters featuring some progressive out of the box work spaces.Gone are the days of stark white walls, cubicles, and in have come the new ideas of atriums, pets, daycare, work out facilities just to name a few.

As a small business, we cannot offer our employees all the perks of a place like Cliff Bar, but one of the philosophies we have adopted for years is that of being a “pet friendly” workplace. It is a pretty cool atmosphere, if you’re a pet lover like me, to have your companion with you daily at work. We have a couple dogs running around here right now, Henry, Misty, Reggie, and Tide to name a few and they bring a break from the daily grind and we are glad to have them here with us.

Not every business can be pet friendly, but adding small perks where you can continues to foster an appreciation for your employees and their mutual respect for your small business.

What perks does your company provide? Tweet @jasegroup and let us know. Your pet work with you? Tweet us a picture of that too, we love pets.

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