Directions from Norfolk to Richmond

I heard a Virginia Department of Transportation commercial on the radio today that encouraged us to not take I-64 from Norfolk to Richmond because of construction delays. VDOT provided Rt. 460 as an alternate route. How odd, I thought. Even with construction and road-widening, why would I want to take a highway that would take me twice as long?

So I took to Google Maps to get the truth.

Much to my surprise, all things equal, the 460 route is only 17 minutes longer. When you factor in HRBT traffic, delays in Newport News, and delays in York & New Kent Counties on I-64, heck, Rt. 460 may be a quicker trip.

Thanks, VDOT. I may take your advice for once.

Norfolk to Richmond via I-64: 1h 38m; 93.3 miles.
Norfolk to Richmond via Rt. 460: 1h 55m; 101 miles.

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