One of my favorite commercials is the Staples “easy button commercial,” which features small business owners wearing many hats in their business. The commercial shows clones of the business owner working in various facets of their own business. I’m sure that all the small business owners who see the commercial can relate.

Where is the easy button for your organization’s public relations plan?

The goal of any public relations agency is to create and maintain relationships between its client and the client’s stakeholders.

As a small business owner you may be associating the cost of hiring a public relations agency to help your business grow as a luxury and may not feel the need to reach out for additional PR help.

Wearing so many hats in your business can be overwhelming and what often gets left off of the to-do list is pitching your story to media sources in an effort to acquire PR for your business.

That’s why you hire outside PR assistance to work with your small business, to handle the issues you don’t have time to handle.

What needs to be done for your small business to secure adequate public relations and establish your brand?
  • PR Research-Before  you can tell your story to the media you have to conduct research to better understand your audience, the media that you are building a relationship with and the appropriate message to send to your audience.
  • The Pitch– Often small businesses try to pitch the big picture to media sources, when in reality there are many small jewels about your small business that are more likely to create the perfect pitch.
  • Events– Creating an event with the intent to publicize your organization is an art. Many small business owners are pros at creating events to attract consumers. PR professionals are experts at drawing media attention to those same events.
  • News Releases-While personal pitches make a difference and are a great way to create and maintain relationships with media; news releases are still a fundamental part of PR. Large distributions take time to create distribution lists that are best for your organization.

Make an investment into good PR for your organization. A good PR agency can take the PR burden off your back. Contact JASE for information on increasing your organization’s PR efforts. 

Mediaimage credit: by cgkinla on flickr

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