The goal of every public relations campaign is different, based on the client and based on the PR agency providing the work. One thing about PR that remains consistent throughout every industry and every client is that PR is all about relationships.

To create and sustain a successful relationship with your PR agency it’s important to understand how they work. Public relations moves fast and can be very demanding. The best way to get results in PR is to push every angle until an opportunity becomes available.

Often in the middle of all the pushing is the client, working hard trying to build and maintain a successful business, which mean multitasking with a million things on your plate. In these cases the last thing any business feels like dealing with is a pushy PR firm.

Pushy PR tactics that create the best PR results

Pushing to create a strategy that works for your business: Creating the perfect PR strategy takes time and effort. If you recall creating a business plan or marketing strategy for your organization you may remember the energy you put into getting it right. Expect the same time and energy from your PR agency during the creation of your PR strategy. Your PR agency will push you for more during each stage of the creation process. Information and time from you will be needed for research, planning and execution of your PR plan. Only the best created strategies can be successful and that success will be based on the relationship between you and your firm.

Pushing for the answer-at all times: PR firms work on a unique schedule and often one that won’t agree with your business’ busy schedule. When media opportunities become available your PR firm will push for you to become available as well. It may mean stopping to do a phone interview, waking up early to appear on a morning show or answering a list of questions in the midst of a big project. The more requests you get the better, it means your PR firm is working to get your information out there and the media is responding. Your firm will also push you to stay knowledgeable about what’s going on in your industry including current events and trends.

Pushing for the right decision: There will come times when your PR agency will make a recommendation that pushes you in a different direction than you expected. It is important to remember why you hired your firm when they recommend a course of action that may differ from your original plan. Most PR firms have done the research needed to make the right decisions. Discuss any decisions with your firm so that you feel comfortable with the decision. Especially during crisis, allow your PR firm to lead you and be a part of the decision making process.

Allow your PR agency to push your business for results. Contact JASE If you are looking for more public relations results for your company. JASE will push your business for success in your industry and in the media.

The PR Pushimage credit: by Camp ASCCA on flickr


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