In a recent interview, Oprah interviewed pop sensation and Barbadian beauty Rihanna on the OWN Network’s “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” After years of living under a heavy cloud of scandal,  this interview had been touted as an up close, never before seen look at Rihanna. Rihanna’s true character would be revealed. For several weeks, Oprah has tweeted links to behind the scene photos and videos about what audience members had look forward to. In this intimate interview, Rihanna revealed details about her dating life, her feeling about being considered a role model and her relationship with her fans, among other things. Many of the viewers that tuned in got a see a vulnerable side of Rihanna, but for Rihanna’s Navy they got to see the girl they know and love.

Rihanna’s Navy

What was evident from the interview is that Rihanna loves her fans. She considers her fans to be like friends and that translated in her interview, as well as her active presence on Twitter. As a social media influencer, Rihanna revealed that her fans or “Navy”, as she calls them, have been her solace in getting through the hard and the not so hard times. With over 24 million followers on Twitter, she said she has built an intimate connection with her fans. This connection with her “Navy” has translated into Rihanna being named the biggest-selling digital artist of all time according to Nielson SoundScan.

Learn from Rihanna

A successful social media strategy is about building a relationship between your fan/follower base and your company or brand. The reason why Rihanna has over 24 million followers on Twitter is because her “Navy” find her to be real. Instead of always pushing a product or marketing her next project, she shares genuine feelings, emotions and life events. Her “Navy” has become emotionally invested in her, not just as a brand, but as a real person. For a company or brand that B2C marketing translates into connecting with your client on a more personal level. Engaging your client on their interests and using your social media marketing as an opportunity to interact with them about those interests. If you keep your client base interested, they will keep frequenting your social media sites and that traffic will translate into sales leads.

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RIHANNA:LAST GIRL TOURimage credit: Eva Rinaldi on flickr

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