Research In Motion was once the proud leader of the smartphone industry. It has seen its grip on that perch slide over the last couple of years, but RIM still remains a valuable asset in the business world with their enterprise devices and services.

Last week during its Q4 call, new CEO, Thorsten Heins, stated that the company is struggling as sales are down to $4.2 billion from $5.2 billion in Q3. Heins stated that as the new CEO of RIM he intends to turn around the once proud company and he detailed that plan to the listeners on the call.

Heins said that RIM would be refocusing its efforts on its core strengths which are enterprise devices and services. RIM is going to work on building a platform that emphasizes security, manageability, and the company’s successful and popular Blackberry Messenger.

RIM’s transformation is supposed to start later this year with the release of Blackberry 10 devices. Gone will be the attempt to match its competitors in the arena of media consumption like Netflix or Hulu, instead the company will focus the new phones around its core strengths.

Heins did allude to the intent to keep their offering in the tablet arena, the PlayBook, as he felt that it was a great pairing with the new Blackberry 10 devices scheduled for later this year.

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Blackberry 9900image credit: clintonjeff on flickr

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