needle in a hay stack
Search engine optimization will keep your from being a needle in a haystack

Many small business owners under emphasize the importance of search engine optimization when it comes to the website creation or website redesign process. In the end it leaves them looking for answers. It is easy for the emphasis to be placed on beautiful design because, let’s face it, everyone wants a pretty website.

More important than developing a website that looks cool, is interactive, and has a presence, you must develop a website that will be a tool for your business. After all, that, first and foremost, is what website is for – to make money. And if you are not designing your website so that it is visible to all search engines, you are losing out on a sales lead generator that can work around the clock 24/7, 365 days a year.

Placing a priority on SEO in the design of your website will also go a long way in identifying crucial information necessary to the success of your business. Doing your research will give you insight into keywords that are specific to your industry. The research will let you know what content is current and necessary to cover on your website, and ultimately help you determine who your competitors are, what they are doing, and how you can stay ahead.

If you are considering creating a website or redesign of your existing website, contact JASE Digital Media today, and let us help you place search engine optimization as a top priority.

image credit: funkypancake on flickr

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