Is SEO a critical part of your organization’s Inbound Marketing philosophy? Let’s talk about how to get complete buy-in from everyone in the organization.

Search engine optimization is integral in development of your website and your ability to generate leads for your sales staff. I recently wrote an article stating that your company’s landing page is equivalent to baseball’s closing pitcher for its ability to generate a lead once a consumer clicks to your website. Well if the landing page is baseball’s closer, SEO is baseball’s #1 starter, the ace of the staff.


In sports and business alike, if you have a proven superstar or leader, you know what you can expect every time you go on that field or walk through those office doors. Having a well developed SEO plan is that superstar athlete because it makes your inbound marketing plan able to compete, just like having a superstar athlete gives you a better chance over your opponent.


Not so fast. Unfortunately SEO is one of the hardest concepts to incorporate with business. Most often it is predicated on the company’s ability to understand the value of an SEO strategy and to translate its purpose to all departments within the organization.


SEO is a mindset, a philosophy, that must be adopted by the entire company, not just a tool or a design philosophy for your company’s website. Companies struggle to identify with SEO – what it is, what exactly it can do. Web designers struggle with SEO because it takes away from their creativity, because SEO is based on text and not visual art. SEO also requires more qualified research and the ability to communicate effectively in minimal text on a website. All of these issues combined, generally result in a redirection of the plan, if for the simple fact, it appears that it will be more costly.

The best way to get your company on board with SEO is to educate them on it’s value. Coincidentally, bringing financial statistics supporting its value, to your discussion will all together increase your success. Showing them that organic search represents this percentage of your websites traffic last month or year and coupling that with how many leads and subsequent sales were made due to organic search can make quite an argument. Lastly, your ability for patience and sharing of the wealth will aid in your companies adoption of the SEO philosophy. You have to set the example of living SEO daily and giving credit where credit is due.

We live SEO daily by our constant creation of quality web content, filled with keywords and tags that create links throughout the internet, and back to JASE. We can make your company visible, contact JASE today.

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