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Seth GodinIt’s no secret that I like reading Seth’s utterings. He’s a fascinating individual. A recent Seth quote: “You’re on the hunt for sneezers, for fans, for people willing to cross the street to work with you. Everyone else can pound sand, that’s okay. Being remarkable also means being ignored or actively disliked.

Awesome! But putting the quote into some context, essentially in business you want to surround yourself with people that think like you, that have the same goals as you. And if they don’t, that’s okay; they don’t belong in your circle. Everyone doesn’t need to be a fan of you and your vision. Just like Lady Gaga – she doesn’t need everyone to like her. She just needs enough people to like her to sell her records.

So back to my blog article title, Seth Godin and Lady Gaga and Me – You Can Go Pound Sand. I don’t really mean it that stern. I like you, I do. Maybe. Maybe not. Regardless, I promise I won’t tell you to go pound sand.

Read the full article here on Seth’s blog.

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