Grabbing eyes and clicks are sometime quite the challenge. It’s common knowledge that Facebook exposure is slowly reducing with the saturation of everyone’s messages. Here are a few tips from Buffer that could help with improving your social messaging.

  1. Focus on the reader. Your message should be about them and what you can bring to their table.
  2. Build curiosity. Understand the difference between what people know and what they want.
  3. Treat each article as a story. Stories make a connection. Talking “at” people does not.
  4. Focus on value. Remember what you are producing is meant for your reader, not your boss. Provide them with value in your story.
  5. Keep a consistent voice. When you’re talking on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter timeline, or Instagram, be sure you’re team is talking the same. i.e., happy, upbeat, professional or educational. Be consistent.
  6. Write in second person. “We’ve got just the thing for you” instead of “Here’s the new JASE product rollout.”
  7. Keep it simple. Don’t be overly complex in your announcements and explanations. Talk in layman’s terms, because, you know, we’re all laymen out here.
  8. Use emojis! 🙂 They’re not just for teenagers anymore. Posts with emoticons receive a 33% higher share rate. Posts with emoticons receive a 33% higher comment rate. Posts with emoticons receive a 57% higher like rate.
  9. Ask a question. Questions intrigue. Questions insinuate further information in an answer.
  10. Play with punctuation. Sometimes exclamation points work. Sometimes question marks work.

Statistics and info from Buffer

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