JASE on FacebookWe get questions quite a lot about setting up Facebook Business Pages for small businesses. The questions range from how-to to will-you to should-we.

Most times the answer is 100% dependent on your target audience. So our first question back is, “What are the results of your demographic and socialgraphic studies?” If you’re giving the same blank stare that we normally get, you may want to talk to our inbound marketing and social community team. Let’s get that analysis done soonest.

In the meantime, here a few tips and questions that should get you at least heading in the right direction.

  1. Study your socialgraphic studies to decide if your target audience is on Facebook. You should have a Facebook Business Page but the results of your study will determine how much effort should be put into your Page.
  2. Are you blogging? WHY NOT? Blogging should be your #1 task to drive traffic to your website as part of your Inbound Marketing strategy. Not Facebook. Not Twitter. Not LinkedIn. Blogging! All you have to know is that blogging can reach a gabillion people on the Internet through open searches on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. Facebook only reaches Facebook people that have liked you. And Twitter only reaches tweeters that have followed you. And LinkedIn only reaches your LinkedIn connections. Duh!
  3. When your number of fans on Facebook have reached a good number, make sure to apply for a vanity URL that reflects your organization’s brand. Ours is http://www.facebook.com/jasegroup. Visit and like us. There’s tons more of this type of information. Don’t miss out.
  4. Upload a company logo and completely fill out the information form fields about your organization. Be as descriptive as applicable and make sure to use the strategic keyword phrases from the keyword analysis done in your Inbound Marketing Plan. Oh no, that blank stare again. Don’t tell me you haven’t had an Inbound Marketing Plan generated. We really need to talk.
  5. Content – you need quality content on your Facebook Business Page. The content needs to be industry relative and consistently delivered. Tone also comes into play here. Your business needs to decide if the tone of your Page will be casual or strictly business. Either way, be consistent. This is a good time to tie in your blog to your Facebook Business Page, your Twitter timeline, and your LinkedIn updates. There are many solid tools out there to automate this process if you so choose. JASE can help with that.
  6. Start making connections on Facebook and getting people to like your Facebook Business Page. This is where the time investment starts getting tricky. It’s always nice to have your family and friends like your Page. But you really want potential customers there and reading your content. Find them and make the invite.
  7. Run contests in your social community. Don’t just concentrate on Facebook. Include your total social community on your blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on LinkedIn. Contests are a great way to draw in new listeners and keep them coming back. Again, this depends on your industry. Don’t just run contests for your family and friends. Make sure they are target-audience-directed for your consumers.
  8. Feature your work in your social community. Photos of your work and employees are always a hit and can temporarily draw attention. Don’t make the mistake of creating one blog post or Facebook post or tweet or LinkedIn update with 10 photos. Spread them out over multiple posts and be sure to use keyword rich titles and article content so the search engines begin loving you.

I could go on forever talking about Facebook. And blogging. And tweeting. And LinkedIn. But that’s enough for now. Here’s one last tip – Have fun! Whatever you do in your social community, have fun. Your readers will read your emotion and keep coming back for more.

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  1. Richard C.

    I Have been looking for a well detailed idea on how to drive traffic to my new blog for sometime now and I have to say that this post has been very very useful. Thanks a million for this great post!

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