Microsoft Will Take Advantage Of Skype Acquisition With Mobile Skype Application

Three months ago Microsoft acquired Skype, and for three months plenty of people have been speculating as to what Microsoft is going to do with the internet telephone/video calling giant. Vice President and General Manager of Products and Marketing, Neil Stevens, dropped the first chip last week, revealing that the first order of business is to develop a Windows Mobile version of Skype. This move is obviously in response to Apple’s FaceTime and Android’s Qik programs that have been successful in the mobile device market.

The early feeling is the software developed will be more deeply integrated with Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS than the application would be on the Android or Apple’s iOS platforms. Inevitably offering a benefit to all Windows Phone users over their competitors, with the product feeling more a part of the phone than typical third party applications.

Other possible areas of integration are Outlook, Lync, and a wide array of windows devices such Microsoft’s gaming console, Xbox.

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image credit: Patrick Haney on flickr

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