Is Your Small Business Sales Team Following The Proper Time To Conversion?

Lead generation is the driving force behind a company’s inbound marketing strategy. Companies work hard to get a consumer to click the “submit” button on its website, but after that click, does the sales team drop the ball?

A study done by Gleanster Research shows that 50% of leads who are qualified to buy are not ready to purchase immediately. Their research shows that contacting these leads too quickly and attempting to push them into a response, will more than likely cause the lead to be lost.


This is where as a small business, a company’s philosophy of lead nurturing is critical. All business is dependent on lead conversion, small business success is directly attached to lead conversion.The reason being that in verticals with large scale competitors, small businesses are already dependent on the consumer taking a chance due to lack of brand name establishment, and therefore cannot take a chance that the consumer can walk away.


Lead nurturing is about understanding the lead’s timing and needs. Obviously this will come with serious investment from the business itself as it will have to invest the time and money to determine lead conversion. Once that is accomplished, determining how to keep in contact with the lead during the conversion process will create the bridge from lead generation to lead conversion.

Does your small business struggle with lead conversion? Is your sales staff over zealous in their attempt to convert a sale? Tweet us @jasegroup and let us know what you think? Stay tuned to the JDM blog for more tips to help make your small business successful.

image credit: Donald Macleod on flickr

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