Teresa Rivera - US Dept. Of The Interior - Speaks "The Business Of Branding" at the SMEI Hampton Roads Event October 18, 2011

This past Tuesday, October 18th, JASE team members attended the Sales and Marketing Executives International – Hampton Roads Chapter “The Business of Branding” seminar. The event was hosted by the Town Center City Club of Virginia Beach where Teresa Rivera was the guest speaker.

Rivera, from the Department of the Interior, spoke on “The Business of Branding”, defining all the steps needed to grow your company’s image the right way. Teresa was a great source of knowledge for all the Hampton Roads business executives in attendance. Rivera honed her branding experience throughout her professional career with major corporations and government agencies including Hallmark, AT&T, Disney, IBM, the Department of Defense, US Post Office, and the US Mint.

During Teresa’s presentation she outlined a few important branding points that many business owners overlook in the day-to-day grind of operating a company. Some of Teresa’s points were:

  • Your brand is your promise.
  • You can brand anything, you have to feel your brand.
  • A color can have a strong association with your brand.
  • Know what your colors are doing for you.
  • Everyone in your organization is a walking, talking branding icon.
  • Protect your brand – Trademark & Copyright.

Understandably many small business owners overlook many of these aspects that Teresa emphasized, sometimes, because there is less of a perceived importance than other aspects of business. Something as simple as having the right color scheme in your advertising campaign, due to humans inherent nature to be visual creatures, can prevent the campaign from failing. Yet, many business owners overlook these important facts because of, again, lack of perceived importance.

JASE Feels Fortunate

As small business executives in the Hampton Roads area JASE is thankful for opportunities like this SMEI seminar that allows us to learn from experienced leaders of the marketing industry and for the opportunity to network with fellow executives.

How strong is your brand? Does your company’s executives know what it takes to establish your company’s brand? Leave us a Facebook comment below and let us know.

image credit: JASE Digital Media

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