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Keith Parnell - SMPSVARecently I had the opportunity to participate in a panel of professionals that put social media to work in their daily business activities. The event was hosted by the Society for Marketing Professional Services of Virginia at the prestigious Westwood Club in Richmond, VA.

Each time I attend and/or participate in an event like this, I learn so much valuable information from the experiences that other organizations share from their marketing experiences.

Thank you to LaTonya Whitaker, Creative Marketing & Brand Strategist at Hankins & Anderson in Richmond, VA, and President of the Virginia Chapter of the SMPS, for the invite to participate in the panel.

Members of the panel were Erin Orr, Marketing Director at FOX Architects LLC in Washington, DC; Tracy Gould, Director of Marketing at Baskervill in Richmond, VA; Sara Lowery, Marketing Coordinator at KSA Interiors in Richmond, VA; Keith Parnell, CEO at JASE Digital Media in Norfolk, VA.

Businesses that are REALLY using Social Media!
Tuesday 29th June 2010

Join SMPS VA for a lunch session where we’ll be featuring four professionals who are utilizing social media as a part of their marketing and business development efforts.

You’ll learn about:
* What it takes to maintain a successful social media program
* Real examples from professionals currently using online media
* Best practices
* How to sell it to your firm’s leadership

Speakers include:
* Erin Orr, Marketing Director, FOX Architects, Washington, DC
* Keith Parnell, CEO, Jase Digital Media, Norfolk, VA
* Sara Lowery, Marketing Coordinator, KSA Interiors, Richmond, VA
* Tracey Gould, Marketing Director, Baskervill, Richmond, VA

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