Zynga Declared Its Social Media Power When It Launched Its 7/11 Campaign

The much anticipated IPO for social gaming giant Zynga has finally been set, according to a report.The report states that Zynga’s IPO is set for November 28th, a result of the up and down stock markets.Zynga’s positioning of its IPO is most likely a strategy to piggy back with the Black Friday Shopping weekend that falls prior to the Monday offering.

Zynga’s move to go public has been speculated for some time. The transition has been thought by many analysts to be one of the much needed social media pillars to provoke other top level social media companies , like Facebook, to go public. Economically, there has been hope that a majority of the social media kingpins would go public and bring some dire needed stability to the up and down stock market.

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image credit: Librarian In Black on flickr


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