Today we team with Reina Communications, Mashable, (RED), and other Hampton Roads organizations to change the world. JASE will donate $1 to the (RED) organization to help eliminate AIDS in Africa for each comment you leave on this #SocialGood blog post today.

Social media is such a powerful phenomenon. Social media is people, which means social media is fluid. Social media changes at a whim. And social media can change the world. People, calling ourselves social media, can change the world for the better. Let’s do this. Together.

Social Good Day

Other Social Media Partners Participating in Social Good Day

Yuping Liu-Thompkins – Loyalty Science in Practice
Outer Banks Design Works –  William Dodson – Patches of Sand
Reina Communications – Michelle Rogerson
Amber Karnes – My Aim Is True
Bake It Pretty –  Amanda
Powerful Learning Practice –  Susan Carter Morgan
Michelle Rogerson – Greater Good Life
JASE Digital Media – Brand Management, Inbound Marketing, Creative Design, eBusiness Solutions


  1. Keith Parnell

    I will leave a comment for a great cause!

  2. Scott Janney

    It’s nice to see a group active in fighting such a horrible disease and supporting such a good cause.

  3. Susan Humble

    Glad to help in Africa and on Oct 17, Aids Walk in Atlanta.

  4. Christine Knowles

    Good stuff, Keith! *cha-ching*.. add another dollar : )

  5. Donna Ponti

    Great idea! Glad to take part.

  6. Regal Car Sales

    Glad to help! Good Luck!

  7. JStringer

    Than you for making this contribution. <3

  8. Limecello

    Thank you for doing this post and donating!
    Happy Social Good Day!

  9. Keith Ainsley

    Good afternoon Keith. Here’s my comment! 🙂

  10. Susan Carter Morgan

    Glad to be working with you on this. Thanks to you for participating, too, Keith.

  11. Joy Boyd

    Here you go! cha-ching! to stamp out aids!!

  12. Cheryl A Snowden

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this effort to stamp out aids.

  13. Cheryl A Snowden

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this effort.

  14. Nicole Blum

    So glad JASE is participating. Here is another $1.00 for a great cause.:)

  15. Griff Gordy

    Great Cause…I am glad to do my part!

  16. Sharon Toth

    Thanks for posting this and donating to such a great cause!

  17. Portia Da Costa

    Thank you for posting in support of a deserving cause. Happy to support your efforts.

  18. Amber

    Proud to be part of this little project!! 🙂

  19. Amanda

    I love socially responsible people! Thanks for doing this!

  20. Yuping Liu-Thompkins

    Keith, thanks for being part of this. Glad we are all making a difference. Happy Social Good Day!

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