There has been a lot of chatter recently in the digital world about the changes that Facebook has made to its advertising features. The changes to Facebook’s advertising toolset and the advertising channel have some people championing the power of Facebook advertising.

But before you drink the Facebook advertising kool-aid, let’s talk facts.

  • Fact – Facebook has revamped their advertising arm to increase engagement
  • Fact – Facebook has revamped advertising toolset to allow for better targeting of ad placement to increase efficiency
  • Fact – Facebook is the largest social media network with over 800 million users
  • Fact – Just because Facebook has 800 million users doesn’t mean that your ad is exposed to all 800 million of them
How should your small business approach social media advertising?

The largest reason for your Facebook advertising campaign to fail is the fact that, depending on your industry, users of Facebook may have no interest in your product. Facebook advertising campaigns can increase the exposure of your product/brand, but unless people are looking for your product on Facebook, they may overlook your ad.

So, lets look at the formula that makes for a successful social media advertising campaign:

Trendy product + Viral capability + Well designed ad concept = Successful social media ad campaign

Trendy product – Your product or service must be one that reaches the demographic of social media users. If your service is legal wills, there is the possibility that social media users won’t be looking for this service on Facebook.

Viral capability – Your product or service has to have the capability to go viral. People have to want to talk about it, share it, and have it. When that phenomenon occurs, your product goes viral, leading to increased exposure.

Well designed ad concept – Your social media ad has to be properly designed and implemented. Even if you have the previous two parts to the formula, faltering in ad design will hamper your ad’s effectiveness.

Each business must analyze their opportunity in social media marketing to determine if success is possible. If you’re unsure whether social media advertising will benefit your business, contact JASE, and lets talk. As always, please feel free to share this article with friends.

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