With all the conversation surrounding social media many people forget about the classic and well-known approaches to public relations. Today there are many businesses that have found a great mixture between communicating with the media through social media and the continued use of news releases.

Starbucks was recently applauded for their use of news releases. Starbucks pumps a large amount of positive news releases out about its charitable initiatives. Stories of Starbucks coffee for the homeless and other charitable initiatives make the national news because of the savvy wording and because Starbucks continues to pump out the releases.

While working on news releases for your business focus on news that appeals to your local community and news that can be used in national stories.

Most importantly is how you convey your message. Use conversational language and simple wording to insure your message is heard by the media’s audience.

A recent tip from PR Daily encourages losing buzz words in news releases to make sure your release is not sent to the trash by reporters and bloggers.

Here are a few words to remove from your releases:
– Extraordinary
– Awe-inspiring
– Breathtaking
– Extraordinary
– World-renowned
– State of the art
– Best in class
– Landmark
– Stunning

Continue to increase your public relations efforts online and through classic public relations practices to get more information out about your business. Check out the JASE public relations page to learn more about PR and its affects on your business.

image credit: by JASE

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