Social Media Is Driving Organic Traffic

We religiously preach about the importance of blogging and what it can do for all aspects of your inbound marketing strategy. We say that if you had a choice of social media or blogging we would strongly recommend blogging for your company because it can do so much more for your website with SEO.

The interesting aspect to this philosophy is that social media is not irrelevant because the blog is more important. We use social media as a way deliver our content and expand our inbound marketing reach. We want to distribute our content to our readers in the medium they choose, but because we use social media as a channel of distribution, we also gain when our readers use social media to share our content to their friends.

A case in point of this strategy is in an article on how the LA Times is using social media to drive unique viewers to their blog. Since they have instituted the Facebook commenting system on their blog they are experiencing a 450% increase in referral traffic.

Blogging is still Batman in the world of inbound marketing but social media does a great job as Robin. How are you delivering your content to your readers? Do you encourage discussion by providing forums to voice their opinion? Leave us a comment and let us know. We’ll catch you on Facebook.

image credit: Intersection Consulting on flickr

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