On June 6, the University of Richmond hosted a Social Media conference for professionals in higher education and non-profits. As round table discussions, presentations, and panel discussions went on throughout the day it became clear that many of the social media tactics used in big business, small business and among other corporate brands is used in higher education and non-profit organizations.

Social media tips for every industry to increase brand presence.
  • Use the right social media platforms for your organization: All social media platforms are not for every organization. Understand your audience and decide where to place your time and energy. Are your users on Pinterest? If not, the social media website may not serve a purpose for your organization.
  • Content is King: It is important to make sure your message is clear and visible on all your social media platforms.
  • Photos and Video: Pictures and video are great for engagement amongst your social media users. Pictures and videos also help tell the story of your organization. Creating interesting videos and photos takes simple equipment. Don’t miss the opportunity to create videos and photos because of your equipment, an iPhone or a DSL camera create great shots.
  • Learn from those in your industry: Follow blogs and tweets from those in your industry to stay current with trends in your industry.
  • Use provided analytics and metrics to evaluate your ROI: Analyze your social media through different analytic tools to observe where you are, where you want to be and what’s working.
  • Create a Plan: Research and plan, creating a social media plan that coincides with your current marketing and public relations plan.

Planning is a huge part of any marketing plan. Contact JASE to create a successful social media marketing plan for your business. JASE understands all the recent changes in social media and can create a successful plan for your business.

University of Richmondimage credit: by Gamma Man on flickr


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