We have said for a long time that you cannot depend on social media as your sole source for marketing. However, the industry standard for business in the social media age is to broadcast your message to as many people as possible to generate leads and gain followers, but are they quality?

Are the leads you generate through social media quality? Quality leads have a higher potential for closure because they understand your product or service provides the solution for the problem they are having.

Are the followers you gain quality? Do they help you grow your business? Do they interact with you and share your content? There is a mutual symbiosis to quality followers in social media, we are helped and or help each other through knowledge or social engagement.

Social media as a numbers game provides little or no return on investment. It is simply the old adage, “quality over quantity.” Going for the sheer numbers of fans can leave your business with no engagement and can lead to your business investing a lot of time, energy and money that maybe you do not have.

Find out how JASE can help your social media marketing plan and increase the quality engagements you are looking for. Contact us today and let’s get started.

more social media followersimage credit: MervC on flickr

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