twitter downLast week Twitter went completely down across all networks and platforms for almost half a day. No web browser. No smartphone. No tablet. No Twitter.

For that very reason it is hard to make an argument to support social media being your only source of marketing for your business. What if your business had a major event or product release that day? What if it was the next day, but your plan was to launch a social media marketing campaign 24hrs before the event? It’s conceivable that your event would not be as effective. It’s conceivable that your product launch would be hampered.

It is not every day that a social community goes down. As a matter of fact, Facebook and Twitter do a very reliable job of keeping their social communities online and open to the public. But what happens when they do go down? What does your business do to fill the void? Who do you hold accountable for the impact of your only source of marketing being offline?

Social media is a powerful ally to the business owner. Its power and impact can work wonders for your business. JASE recognizes this fact and that is why social media is part of the complete JASE inbound marketing package. A package that can help take your business to the next level.

How does your business use social media? Is your business’ success dependent on social media? Talk with JASE and let us help you benefit from inbound marketing. Sharing is good, so feel free to pass this article along to your friends.

image credit: camflan on flickr


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