Social Media Is Not A Fad - Connects You To The Consumer

The doubters and naysayers of social media, namely business executives that cannot understand the return on investment, want to say that social media is a fad. They feel their opinions are validated every time a new social community is born and it eliminates an older one.

With the boom of Google+ adding tons of members daily, by invitation only, the naysayers are back saying the end of Facebook is near. They are convinced that it is only a matter of time before Facebook is retired just as MySpace and dozens of social communities before it, so they continue to take the stance that their is no need to invest a lot of time and money into a fad.

The truth is though, Social Media is not a fad. It will be here for the long haul. Social media is an evolution in technology and society which has changed the way we communicate. Subsequently social communities have changed the way businesses interact with their customers.

The ability of a business to successfully integrate social media into its inbound marketing strategy will directly correlate to the success it achieves.This is not just to say having a social presence is all that is needed, but to say that a co-creation of brand recognition, loyalty, and relationships with your consumers is important.

Consumers are more influential in their effect on business as a result of social media. To ignore that evolution is a death nail in the coffin of your business. As a digital media and full scale advertising company we are vested in social media. Still too many times we deal with current/potential clients that just do not simply see the the need to be involved in social media.

Convincing executives, or yourself for that matter, that social media is integral to your company’s success can only be accomplished with the effective use of demonstrating the benefits of social media to enabling your company’s progress. If that can be achieved, your company will not be left behind.

Connect with us, we’re on each social media platform and easy to find. JASE can show your company how to benefit from all that social media strategies have to offer.

image credit: Intersection Consulting on flickr

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