Social media, blogs, and websites offer a lot of information about your business. Through these outlets you can establish relationships with your consumers, sell your brand, engage your consumers, and increase your sales by increasing the amount of consumers that are paying attention to your brand.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good. As more people are using social media products for their business and personal life, more and more bad habits are being created. This is where reputation and brand management come into play.

Ragan Communications created a list of communication pet peeves that have bothered them throughout the years. I am sure some of your biggest pet peeves are on the list.

  • #Overuse of #hashtags on #Twitter makes #us #crazy.
  • Pop-up ads.
  • Websites that speak.
  • Crazy quilt, migraine-inducing Twitter backgrounds.
  • Posting on Facebook as if it’s Twitter. The great thing is we will un-like you if you treat Facebook like it’s Twitter and post every hour.

So, how can we avoid these and other communication missteps?

It all begins with a plan. Often, a strategy of attack helps limit unnecessary mistakes. A social media marketing plan as part of an inbound marketing plan designs a strategy that places your business in the right social communities and gives the consumer the right perception of your business.

To avoid communication missteps and create an Inbound Marketing plan contact JASE for a free Inbound Marketing Assessment.  

Facebook Communication Bubbleimage credit: stoneysteiner on flickr

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